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Farmville Helper Icon Farmville Helper Free will keep you up to date with the most accurate crop statistics and level statistics. Farmville Helper Free is an application to keep you up to date with all of the most recent crops and levels in Zynga's game, FarmVille. This app will keep all of the crops and levels at your fingertips. Permanent Crops, Hybrid(Greenhouse) Crops, and Limited Edition Crops all included!

Crop Stats
The app gives you info on every crop in the games':

  • Unlock Lvl
  • Growth
  • Buy Price
  • Sell Price
  • Buy Exp
  • Mastery Final
  • Mastery Lvl 1, 2, & 3

Level Stats
The app gives you info on every level in the games':

  • Experience Ammount
  • Farmer Title
  • Unlocks:
      Free Gifts

Expansion Chart
The app gives you info on every expansion in the games':

  • Plot Size
  • Name
  • Cost(Coins)
  • Cost(FarmCash)


Farmville Helper Free Screenshot

Farmville Helper Free Screenshot

Farmville Helper Free Screenshot

Farmville Helper Free Screenshot

Go Pro for

  • Mastery Tracking feature
  • No internet connection required
  • Runs on all Android OS (v1.1 up)
  • No ad support!

Update Log

  • 05/12/2010   V1.0        Uploaded on Market
  • 05/12/2010   V1.1        Emergency fix, stupid typo!!!
  • 05/22/2010   V1.2        Added Amaranth, Nopales, Posole Corn, Agave, and Gojiberry crops.
  • 05/26/2010   V1.3        Added Cucumber and Basil.
  • 06/03/2010   V1.4        AdMob code update.
  • 06/03/2010   V1.5        Added Ginger.
  • 06/13/2010   V1.6        Added Flamingo Flower and Pink Hibiscus.
  • 06/18/2010   V1.7        Added Lemon Balm, Oats, Saffron, Bamboo and Posole Corn. Bamboo and Posole Corn no longer limited editon crops.
  • 06/30/2010   V1.8        Added Daikon and Wasabi.
  • 06/30/2010   V1.9        Added Clover, Amaranth, White Roses, and Forget-Me-Not. Amaranth, White Roses, and Forget-Me-Not no longer limited editon crops.
  • 07/05/2010   V1.10      Added Swiss Chard, Elderberry, and Purple Pod Peas.
  • 07/12/2010   V1.11      Added Alpine Roses.
  • 07/16/2010   V1.12      Added Edelweiss, Rappi, Rye, Sugar Beets, and Triticale.
  • 07/21/2010   V1.13      Added Organic Berries. Fixed clover mastery amount. Fixed Alpine Roses picture.
  • 08/04/2010   V1.14      Added Chickpea, Daylilies, Heirloom Carrot, Hollyhocks, Lady Slippers, and Red Clover. Fixed Amaranth mastery amount. Working on saving masteries, sorry for slow update.
  • 08/16/2010   V1.15      Added Rhubarb and Zucchini. Check out full version for Mastery Tracking feature!
  • 08/31/2010   V1.16      Added Spinach and Carnival Squash.
  • 09/09/2010   V1.17      Added Pinto Beans. Working on reducing APK filesize.
  • 09/14/2010   V1.18      Added Lupine, Gladiolus, and Square Melon.
  • 09/23/2010   V1.19      Added Sweet Beet and Dog Rose.
  • 10/17/2010   V1.20      Added Candy Corn, Columbine, and Orange Daisies.
  • 11/25/2010   V1.21      Added Black Rose, Purple Asparagus, and Electric Lilies.
  • 11/25/2010   V1.22      Added close button to upgrade popup.
  • 12/20/2010   V1.23      Drastically reduced app size. Added App2SD feature. Added White Pumpkin and Peppermint. New icon!!!
  • 01/15/2011   V1.24      Levels Chart Feature added. See title and experience for every level and what unlocks at every level!! AdMob code update.
  • 01/26/2011   V1.25      Expansion Chart Feature added. See cost in coins and farm cash for every expansion!! Also added ad code optimization.
  • 02/21/2011   V1.26      Added Red Spinach, Squmpkin, Strasberry, Purple Tomatoes, Fire Pepper, Long Onion, Sun Poppy, Whiskey Peat, Double Grain, Lilac Daffy, Leeks, Jalapenos, Candy Cane, and Cupid Corn. Permanent Crops, Hybrid(Greenhouse) Crops, and Limited Edition Crops all included!
  • 04/15/2011   V1.27      Added Bluebells, Pink Asters, Foxglove, Barley, Cara Potatoes, Hops, Royal Hops, Spring Squill, Cornflower, English Rose, Turnips, Radish, Red Currant, English Peas, Field Beans, Black Tea, and Balloon Crop. Permanent Crops, Hybrid(Greenhouse) Crops, Limited Edition Crops, and English Countryside Crops all included!
  • 05/03/2011   V1.28      Updated "More Apps" page.

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