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Fishville Helper Free Icon Fishville Helper Free will keep you up to date with the most accurate fish statistics. Fishville Helper Free is an application to keep you up to date with all of the most recent fish in Zynga's game, FishVille. This app will keep all of the fish at your fingertips.

Fish Stats

The app gives you info on every fish in the games’:

  • Obtainment Method
  • Growth
  • Buy Price
  • Sell Price
  • Buy Exp
  • Sell Exp
  • Exp/Hr


Fishville Helper Free Screenshot

Fishville Helper Free Screenshot

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  • No internet connection required
  • Runs on all Android OS (v1.1 up)
  • No ad support!

Update Log

  • 04/27/2010   V1.0        Uploaded on Market
  • 05/03/2010   V1.1        Added the three newest fish! Playfair Goby, Dragon Wrasse, and Panther Grouper. App is now once again fully up to date.
  • 05/08/2010   V1.2        Clarkii Clownfish, Broadbarred Goby, Tierra Anthias, Citron Goby, Fire Clownfish, Pacific Goby, Sunshine Chromis, and Violet Squirrelfish added. Also layout now on three pages(Coin Fish, Sand Dollar Fish, and Gift Fish).
  • 05/18/2010   V1.3        Added a bunch of new fish: Coral Hawkfish, Red Tooth Trigger, White Spotted Damsel, Black Percula, Black Hamlet, Immaculate Boxfish, Humpback Batfish, Jeweled Blenny, Red Tail Butterfly, Longnose Butterfly, Copper Butterfly, Pink Skunk Clown, and Latticed Butterfly.
  • 05/21/2010   V1.4        Added 4 new fish: Longfin Damsel, Convict Surgeon, Kole Tang, and Spotted Mandarin.
  • 05/27/2010   V1.5        Added 5 new fish: Naso Tang, Moon Wrasse, Strasburg Damsel, Golden Spinefoot, and Yellow Belly Hamlet.
  • 05/30/2010   V1.6        Added 4 new fish: Bearded Ghoul, Majestic Angelfish, Scooter Dragonet, and Spotted Filefish.
  • 06/03/2010   V1.7        AddMob code update.
  • 06/10/2010   V1.8        Added 15 new fish: Firetail Damsel, Yellow Belly Hamlet, Barred Hamlet, Cloudy Damsel, Domino Damsel, Indigo Hamlet, Slender Filefish, Asfur Angel, Bicolor Chromis, Potters Angel, Sohal Surgeon, French Angel, Ghost Pipefish, Saddled Toby, and Warty Frogfish
  • 06/18/2010   V1.9        Added 6 new fish: Lyretail Anthias, Halfmoon Trigger, Berry Dottyback, Yellow Basslet, Scissortail Sergeant, and Red Margin Wrasse.
  • 01/15/2011   V1.10       AdMob code update. Added more apps menu item.
  • 01/15/2011   V1.11       Added App2SD feature.
  • 01/26/2011   V1.12       Ad code optimization.
  • 05/03/2011   V1.13       Updated "More Apps" page.

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