Android 2.1 vs iPhone os 3

Android vs iPhone

I know there are a thousand and one comparison guide and charts out there for comparison between Anroid and iPhone, but it is always nice to see someones point of view. Fanboys, there is no reason to come on here and argue, this is a simple chart to help some others get some prospective. As always you should test both devices yourself (store or a friend) and come up with your own opinions and conclusions.

Android 2.1

iPhone 3





Ability to delete apps faster and never forget an app you downloaded since they are all automatically added

Internet Browser

Much faster

Much better zoom controls (double tap to zoom to panel)

App market

Bad interface

Open as can be

More apps but way too many of same thing

Apple strict policies on what gets into market

Notes for each update


Ability to customize native apps

Copy/paste much easier

Cleaner user interface


Can download many different keyboards

Hard to get to special characters


Integration with Facebook and Flickr

Bad interface (creation of folders, moving pictures)

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