Professional PowerPoint Pictures

This little tutorial will teach you how to use the Microsoft office suite(only Word/PowerPoint needed) to make your PowerPoint presentations more professional looking.

Software Needed:
MS Paint (or any graphic editing program)
MS Office Word 2007

With these simple steps you can turn bland looking images into neater more professional images. You can turn a boring picture with no depth into a nice shaded outline in just a few steps.(Note: This will look better when your initial image has a non white background. I used a white background with my sample image just to show how much better it can even make a white background look.)

Boring old image

Fancy new image

The first step of this process is to copy and paste your image into Word 2007. From there you will right click on the image and select "Format Picture" from the drop down list.(Note: You can also left click on the image and go to the "Format" tab of the ribbon and play around with the settings there if you desire an additional or alternative effect.) When the "Format Picture" window is opened you will select the shadow tab and you will see this.

Format Picture Shadow

Now all you need to do is click on the "Transparency" slider and drag it to a value around 50

Format Picture Shadow Settings

All of the other values will automatically change and you can adjust them as you see fit although I usually let them be. After hitting "Close" your image will now have a shadow around it that adds depth and a professional touch to your image. This will help to make your images seem much more realistic and 3D and have that jumping off of the page look.

You can then proceed to copy the picture back into Paint(or any other image editing software) and save the image. Or you can just copy that image right into PowerPoint or print it right from Word.

Hopefully this will you help those of you out there who are having trouble with creating images that really pop(such as myself).

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