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This article is dedicated to all of those survey sites out there that pay you for your opinion. I have only reviewed here the ones that I have found to be worthwhile. The major problem with a lot of these sites is that they have so many low paying and hard to qualify for surveys that you don't often get to take a good one. Also if you look at the amount of time spent doing most of these surveys; you would most likely be better off flipping burgers or pumping gas on a dollar per hour comparison. That said they can give you some nice pocket change for any spare time you have on your computer. You also can do as little or as many as you feel which is also a redeeming quality. All of that said, these are still some of the best sites I have found to make money online.

Survey Savvy


Survey Savvy  is great and will only email me when I have a survey that I can actually take. You put in all of your info like age, gender, and other selection criteria in when you sign up, so it only send you emails for surveys that you meet the requirements for. Pretty much they only email you surveys that you can take. The surveys range from like 2-5 bucks normally, but will sometimes be different. You can also refer your friends to the site and get a percentage of their revenue and get a smaller percentage from your friends referrals' also.

Example Email:

SurveySavvy Example Email

The email for Survey Savvy is very simple and always comes from the same email( The estimated survey times are very accurate and it is very clear how much they pay.

There is also another type of email that you can receive from them. Here is an example email of that type.

SurveySavvy Example Clinical Email

After filling out your personal information they may send you additional surveys based upon any of that personal information. I am not sure how often these will happen or what they will pay for them as I assume they are all different.

Completed Survey Page:

SurveySavvy Example End of Survey


SurveySavvy Payment Page

The payment page for Survey Savvy is very basic and simple to read. It is nice that it is so clear cut, but it does not give you a way to track which surveys you have completed which is a bit of a negative. If you click the "Request a Payment" button they will send you a check for the amount that you request on the next page.

Toluna/Greenfield Online


Toluna and Greenfield Online  have just merged at the beginning of 2010. They used to be separate sites but now are combined together into a community on This site is not only a survey site, but rather a whole online community. You can create Polls and Topics for other members to answer and everyday there are generally 3-6 sponsored short 3 question polls you can answer for points. There are many ways to earn points to subsidize your survey points.

Example Email:

Toluna Example Email

Their email has changed a bit since last year and now only comes from ( The point value and survey length is clearly stated in the email which is very nice too.

Toluna Example MiniPoll

Here is an example of a sponsored mini survey which I think was only 4 questions long. They have many of these a day which is nice because it takes so little time to do.

Completed Survey Page:

Toluna Example End of Survey


Toluna Payment Page

The payment page is separate from the points page which is very in depth. It is nice that they separate them because it makes the payments page basic. You can be paid by check or PayPal in increments of $20 which is 60,000 points. The payments are actually pretty fast too which is awesome.



MySurvey has few surveys but generally gives high point amounts for them which is nice. It makes it so that you don't need to sit on it a lot and just need to login and take a survey when you get an email notification. Every time they email you they already prescreen you as you can see in the example email, so you don't get stuck trying to take a survey that you won't qualify for. This is an awesome part of the site.

Example Email:

MySurvey Example Email

The emails from MySurvey  are always from ( and let you know what kind of survey there is available. You need to log into the site to take the survey and to find out how many points it is worth.

Completed Survey Page:

MySurvey Example End of Survey


MySurvey Payment Page

The payment page is separate from the points page. Every 1000 points that you earn gets you $10 which is not a bad deal since you get some big point value surveys and tons of little 5 point surveys as you can see here.


Joining is FREE and by invitation only. I got mine from best buy I think by signing up for their rewardszone points program. They only send you surveys that have something to do with you which is great(I guess it is based on your age/gender) and they are easy to complete. They offer gift cards to very popular stores and have some popular magazine subscriptions. Normally I prefer cash, but they have good stores that most people shop at so it does not matter to me much.

Example Email: Example Email

Their emails are always from ( and specify the amount of points and time needed for the survey. They only send surveys that you can easily qualify for which is great. Also if you for some reason don't fit into the survey group they will give you partial points for taking the time to take the screener in the first place. I have never seen a survey site that gives you points even if you don't take the entire survey!!

Completed Survey Page: Example End of Survey

Payment: Payment Page

There are a bunch of different gift cards that you can choose from (American Eagle, Express, GameStop, iTunes, Macy's, Starbucks, Target, Ticketmaster) and generally it is 300 points for a $25 gift card and 450 points for a $50 gift card. You can also get subscriptions to magazines (Maxim, Automobile, Latina, Interview, Motor Trend, Lucky, Seventeen, Golf Digest, Outside Magazine, Entrepreneur, PC World, Paste Magazine, and Golf week) for the year, for 100-350 points.

Treasure Trooper


Treasure Trooper is not the same as regular survey sites as it is more of an offer site. You can still do three daily surveys a day(which are worth $.75 for each Daily Survey #1, $1.00 for each Daily Survey #2, and $.75 for each Daily Survey #3) which is great. You can also do tons of free offers on their site which will rack up generally 50 cents each one. You can also participate in other paid offers which can get you much more pay. Also on their site you can go shopping and receive cash back for purchases. One other new feature on the site is Cash Clicks which you get 5 cents for each of the links that you click. You may click each of the links once every 24 hours. Treasure trooper is great because it is one portal and paycheck with so many different ways to earn. You can do a mixture of them all or any combination you want and still make a lot of money.

Example Email:

There is no survey email from Treasure trooper but there is a bimonthly email newsletter with some newsletter bonus offers, a comic strip, and other cool stuff.

Treasure Trooper Example End of Survey


Treasure Trooper Payment Page

Treasure trooper is the site that I have made by far the most money with. It is a really good site and combines a bunch of different online ways to make money into one web portal. There is also a fun treasure hunting theme and some ways to make money there too.

Hopefully you will have just as much luck and sucess as I have had with these sites. Also please leave a comment on any experiences you have had yourself.

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