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You can find all of the posts here in the menu which are sorted by category.  You can also look in the left sidebar to find the five most recent posts.  I am very interested in technology and computers so that inspires much of my content.  I also like to create Flash games and movies and currently am working on updating and improving my Android apps.  Check back here often for feature updates and the changelog of all of my apps.  I am always adding to my number of "how to" guides on here as well and most, if not all, will contain screenshots.  I have started to draw some humorous(I hope) comics on here also so I hope you enjoy.  Please check back for updates and if you see something you like/dislike please comment on it.  Each post has a comments section at the end of the post.  Have a great day and please remember to support my sponsors.



JayAvon on AppBrain Avoid computer Viruses (March 10, 2010)
Fishville Helper (April 19, 2010) Survey Site Review (March 29, 2010)
Fishville Helper Free (April 27, 2010) Facebook News Feed (April 14, 2010)
Bubb Rubb Soundboard (May 10, 2010) Professional PowerPoint Pictures (April 27, 2010)
Farmville Helper (May 12, 2010) Android 2.1 vs iPhone 3 (June 15, 2010)
Farmville Helper Free (May 12, 2010)  
Leon Soundboard (May 14, 2010)  
Larry Soundboard (July 26, 2010)  
Wrap It Up Box (December 27, 2010)  
viagra woman commercial Rodney Dangerfield Ultimate (May 03, 2011)  
Bubb Rubb Ultimate (May 03, 2011) My way back to feeling like me. I advise anyone thinking about getting a hyster. To find other ways. This is not living i want to take my life everyday. I am praying that pray will help. Please pray for me and i will pray for you. —guest vaniss parker 6 months after hysterectomy i had a total hysterectomy and after six months sex is not the same. I have not experience an orgasm since the surgery and the feeling i do have is very minimum and it goes away very fast. I had some problems but i would not done this if i had any other options. —guest marie partial hysterectomy @41 i had a hysterectomy april 28, 2010, was it the best decision i made????????? Since i don't have kids and wanted. But no more heavy periods twice a month that lasted 7 days. No more fatigue, vomiting, bloating, pain or pale looking. (anemic) no more hospital visit for low blood count. Now i feel so much better, but at time i am depress cause i would never be a mother. Sex life is wonderful way better now and for some reason i am always horny. My incision have limited feeling but my dr. Said as time goes by ( 2 more months) i'll be able to have that feeling when it is touch. So ladies follow your doctor advice, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables. Drink lots of water, exercise ( walk in the park) and plenty of rest. Now i am back at work and everyone telling me how good i look although i lost 20 pounds. But thank god i am feeling much better and have a job. I'll try not to worry to much about being a mum caused , lt could have be complications with me and the baby.................... buy cheap viagra pills online viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra online buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra cheap viagra viagra without doctor prescription generic viagra online pharmacy india —guest yvette life after hysterectomy my life is much better after a partial hysterectomy, no more heavy periods twice a month and 7 days a week. No more low blood count and anemic. Many days i was so tired, pale and weak. Only thing i could have done was sleep all day. After hysterectomy i felt like i won the mega million. Was in pain for 2 weeks , then after felt so good. Followed my doctor advice, walk every day so i would not get blood clots, rest and eat. Only problem now is that i am 42 years old without kids and it is kind of depressing cause i would never be able to have kids. But i thank the lord for my life and how good my body feels now. 1 year ago i felt like i was dying. —guest caroline 4 weeks post op 4 weeks after laparoscopic hysterectomy and oopharectomy (previously had one ovary removed), finally, pain is much less and i'm doing very well! I am so glad i have such a great doctor! I have no problems or issues except for the fatique and some occasional weepiness (crying/emotional), but that has improved with time and hormone patch. I have more sex drive than before and everything works just fine! I know that after a few months without the heavy hemorrhaging and terrible cramps and back pain, i will finally be able to celebrate and be so glad i am free of all of that! Yee haaaaaa! Ladies, one thing, or a few, it is really important to rest and g.  


Flash/After Effects

Enjoy Your Meal (March 21, 2010) First Frame Animation (2004)
Bad Guy Lavish Party (June 30, 2010) Moose Vs. Car (2008)
Diet Success Story (September 23, 2010) Giggity (February 17, 2011)
Outnumbered Fight Scene (September 29, 2010)
Gun Range Planning (October 21, 2010)
Goo Gone Marketing (April 19, 2011)
Hacking In Cinema (April 21, 2011)

Video/Computer Game


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