Honda Civic Complaints

Idealy this should be a review of my 2009 Honda Civic EX-L with Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition, but as the title states is more of a rant. Honda does a lot of the car stuff great. They don't offer the hot/cold, summer/winter, tall/short packages that generally bump costs/prices. They offer one feature set with few options to keep the models reliable yet affordable. Where they drop the ball is this Navigation system. First off their "points of interest" database/UI is a complete joke. You will waste more time searching for something than if you looked it up in a library. You are better off to always grab the address of where you want to go from Google.

If you can actually manage to find your point of interest in the Nav, good luck getting there in a reasonable time. What moron decided that fastest time was no longer a viable option. I am surprised there isn't a routing method named "Incredibly Boring/Slow". How can there not be a fastest time. What almost makes it worse is when you input an address and click the "summary" button to see the different routing method's times, they are incorrect. They may say 2 hours, 2 hours 10 minutes, and 2 hours, and then when you pick one, the time increases drastically.

No Fastest Time Route

Another poorly designed thing about the Navigation system is the phone integration. You can pair any bluetooth phone to your system, but good luck. I often find myself screaming at the top of my lungs at the "Voice Recognition" woman. She must have the worst hearing. After all of that fun with phone setup and bluetooth pairing you can finally make a call. Good luck dialing without your cell phone in your hand. How have "Voice Recognition" systems still not figured out that a lot of us use their systems for safety and convenience. How convenient is it for me to have to go through various prompts to call home(not to mention the robot voices still cant pronounce home, mom, and dad - I'm sure nobody has these contacts in their phonebook). And when you are finally connected to home here is what you see(below). Nice user interface. How about showing me the name/number I am connected to or something besides this awful graphic.

Crappy User Interface

So after all of the fun with the phone comes the music. I don't understand how with all of our technology all I get is Artist, Title, and Album. How about track time, album artwork, lyrics, or something. I paid $2000.00 for this system and it sucks. Whoever designed the UI clearly has never listened to music before in his/her life and is incredibly boring.

Lack of customization

Then when I switch to another track I can only see the number of the song I am skipping to while on the Map mode. Are you kidding me? I have my music organized for a reason. How is 1238/9315 helpful to anyone?

Track number shown instead of name

Only two gripes left: (which I am sure keep thier costs and mine down, but would be nice)

    No lights in mirror
    Limited HUD options

How can the vain see themselves in the dark?

Dark mirror

Is it so much to ask to see Odometer and Temperature?

Limited HUD options

Hopefully someone from Honda finds this and overhauls their entire awful Nav system... fat chance.

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