Fishville Mastery Chart

Fishville has added a feature called Fish Mastery. Below is a list and pictures of all of those fish that are in the mastery in the time of this writing.

Fishville Mastery Chart pg 1

Longnose Butterfly  |  Latticed Butterfly  |  Copper Butterfly  |  Red Tail Butterfly

Pink Skunk Clown  |  Fire Clownfish  |  Clarkii Clownfish  |  Black Percula

Playfair Goby  |  Pacific Goby  |  Citron Goby  |  Broadbarred Goby

Fishville Mastery Chart pg 2

Yellow Boxfish  |  Reticulate Boxfish  |  Spotted Boxfish  |  Immaculate Boxfish

White Spotted  |  Strasburg Damsel  |  Domino Damsel  |  Cloudy Damsel

Black Hamlet  |  Yellow Belly Hamlet  |  Barred Hamelt  |  Indigo Hamlet

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