Treasure Madness Tips

This is a guide to a pretty fun game that I have been playing online on Facebook. It is nice because you can play as often or as little as you like and unlike most Facebook games, they do not punish you for not showing up(playing) every X hours. There is a gold rush mini game that you can do every 8 hours but it is by no means necessary and only supplies you with some extra gold.

The objective of Treasure Madness is to dig up various treasures and to submit them to a museum in various treasure sets. In order to get those treasures, when you dig on certain tiles there will be a minigame that you need to beat. This is in no way a complete guide to the game, yet a guide to help beat the minigames.

There are currently 10 minigames for you to play. Below are some helpful hints and tips to beating them all.

Treasure Madness Chestris

Chestris is just your ordinary game of Tetris. Those of you that are good at Tetris should have no problem with this minigame. One huge problem people have with Chestris/Tetris is that they don't think in advance enough. You do not want to set yourself up to wait for a certain piece (often the 4X1 long piece) because chances are it may not come when you need it. Another tip is to try to clear more than one row at a time. Clearing 4 rows at once is worth more than clearing 1 row 4 times. Also you want to make sure that you always look for a perfect fit before just haphazardly dropping a piece, and in the worst case scenario (there is no perfect fit) you want to place the piece to minimize the creation of holes in the board. Chestris/Tetris is a game that takes lots of practice and thinking but if you try to follow these tips it should be pretty easy to beat.

Treasure Madness Fruittle

Fruittle is game where you want to slide like pieces into a group of three or more. You can either slide rows or columns horizontal or vertical and there is no limit on how many places you can shift. The good thing about the Treasure Madness minigames is that there will never be a situation where you are stuck and cannot make a move. In Fruittle, a trick I use is to focus less on the shapes themselves(fruit) and focus more on the colors. This helps me to find potential matches much faster and more often.

Treasure Madness GemSwap

GemSwap is a game where you want to make a 3x1, or more, row of like tiles. As the name suggests all of the tiles you swap are various gems. One helpful trick is that you can click on a tile while holding the mouse down and move the mouse to where you want to swap it to and then let go of the mouse. This will save you a lot of time since you are swapping tiles the entire game and won't have to click twice for each move. Another tip is to try to focus on the colors, rather than the shapes just like in Fruittle.

Treasure Madness JewelDrop

JewelDrop is very similar to Dr. Mario for anyone that has played that game. The objective of JewelDrop is to get a group of 4 or more jewels. You can rotate the pieces in any way you want as they are falling in a Tetris fashion. My biggest tip for this game is to always lay them flat when you are starting to give yourself a column with each color jewel.

Treasure Madness JewelDrop Strategy

Also as you can see in this picture when you have two of one color(yellow) and then get another one but with another jewel, it is best to stack it vertical. This way when you get your next yellow you can place it either on the left of the right of the third yellow one to get your group of four. If you placed the current piece horizontal you would limit yourself to either the left of the right side. Also in doing this, when you clear the yellow you are now left with a column with only a white diamond in it, further keeping the columns neat/organized.

Treasure Madness Memory

Memory is a simple match two like tiles memory game. The only real tip I have for this game is to just click like a madman. There is no penalty for getting guesses wrong so if you can click all of them as fast as possible it helps to find out where they all are. Then after, and even during clicking them all once, you can figure out where some matches are.

Treasure Madness Minolovka

Minolovka is the game of minesweeper with a Treasure Madness theme. One of the best tips for Minolovka is to take your time. You should not rush through it or you will most likely make a mistake. Also another helpful tip is to always mark the bombs. If you try to rush and do not mark the bombs you will often click them by mistake.

Treasure Madness PearlsMania

PearlsMania is a game like snood. You want to shoot pearls into a cluster of balls to make a group of 3 or more touching same colored pearls. Any pearl that is below these balls will drop if not connected to a wall or a ball above the shot balls. There are a few things you can do to constantly do well at this game. First you want to make sure that you always shoot a ball at the highest cluster because then all of the ones below it will fall. You also want to take it easy and not shoot to fast because even though time is against you, the more balls you shoot arbitrarily the more you have to clear from the board.

The third tip for PearlsMania is to never waste a shot. Even if you have no clear(its kinda clear but risky) shot to a cluster you should place that shot perfectly.

Treasure Madness PearlsMania Strategy

So here I have a yellow piece that I know I may miss so I shoot it on that grey piece. I do this because I know it will be very easy to clear it without getting two new yellow pearls(by getting a purple one) to shoot above it.

Treasure Madness PearlsMania Strategy

Sure enough one of the next shots I got was a purple a piece(after a yellow one which I banked) which saved me from clearing the grey and yellow piece. This brings me to the last tip: Don't be afraid to bank a shot. It often doubles the amount of shots you can make.

Treasure Madness Squarenigma

Squarenigma is the newest minigame on treasure madness. I have not had a chance to play it all that much since it just came out, but my best advice so far is to move like a snake. You have to flip each of the square tiles in order to beat the game. You cannot repeat back on a move either so you must go in one long(sometimes slinky) shape. As with all of the minigames the more you play the better you will get at it.

Check in the comments at the bottom of this page for extra tips from BarbE .

Treasure Madness StoneBreaker

StoneBreaker is a pretty simple game that requires you to break a group of stones(all you have to do is click) of similar color. You need to make sure that 3 or more are clustered together before you do so. My tip on the game is to start at the top and work your way down. This way you don't click a pack on the bottom and separate a cluster you could have clicked on the top. Also another good tip is to follow is to start with one color and break all of the clusters until you have no more left or until there are no more clusters of that color left.

Treasure Madness WoodenMaze

WoodenMaze is a fun labyrinth game where you need to tilt the board to reach the end of a maze. There are black holes in the board though that you must avoid or you will have to start from the beginning of the maze. My advice for this game is to take it very slowly. Do not tilt the board too much and you will have so much better control of the ball. You can see here that there are very tight corners you have to go by.

Treasure Madness WoodenMaze Strategy

Also when you first click the board to tilt it make sure that you click the blue ball to the right and watch that almost as intently as where the balls are going. As you can see the board is barely tilted and I still have enough time to beat every maze in the game.

The last two things I want to give advice on are the gold rush games that I mentioned earlier. There are two versions of them to play: Creepy Hands and Spiders and as you can see from the two pictures below I am quite good at them.

Treasure Madness Gold Rush Creepy Hands Treasure Madness Gold Rush Spiders

The trick to these games is to stay in the middle of the board as often as possible. You have a much better chance of avoiding hands or spiders from the middle of the board because it gives you the most reaction time to see and avoid them. Also you want to make sure to not get too greedy. If a piece of gold is covered by a hand or a spider, or dangerously close, just skip that piece and grab the next one.

I hope this guide helped some of you out there with the Treasure Madness minigames or any other similar game out there. Please leave me some comments about any other tips/hints or anything else that you wish to comment on.

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